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Customer acquisition with email marketing. Right message, right audience, right time.

Are you using email marketing to find new customers and generate more sales?

· 77% of people prefer permission-based promotion via email.
· Trackable solution with measurable ROI
· Median ROI of 122% from email marketing in general.
· 100% opt-in.
· 5+ Million pieces of fresh data per month
· Real time tracking and visual display reporting & analytics
· Remarketing & Retargeting capabilities with re-drops
· DMA compliant.

With our Insane Email Marketing Solution, we can select very specifically the target audience to receive an email about your services. We can select demographics such as age, gender, and location but also interests in any category. We can target shopping habits e.g. impulse buyers, etc, you name it.

Then, we can create an email advertisement for you. So that you can display information and links to your web pages and/or offers.

The email is then sent out to the targeted email list, the email addresses on the list are of people who have double opted-in, meaning that they left their email address to be contacted and then confirmed their email address by responding to an email. This means that your email will go to their inbox. 

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We can also re-target those who clicked or opened, link tracking pixels, and many other ways to get the most out of your email drop.

As for cost: For a campaign of 20 000 emails at about $473 and creating the email advert at about $150 we can offer you the price of about $623 for the campaign.
Or for a campaign of 50 000 emails at about $788 and creating the email advert at about $150, we can offer you the price of about $938 for the campaign.

(Please note once you have created an advert you can re-use it, there is no need to create a new advert for each campaign). 

1. The database is made up of in-market doubled-opted in lists that are being updated on a daily basis
2. We have over 150M size list from every possible niche online.
3. We've over 750 segmentation options so you can really narrow down to your most ideal customers.
4. You can see your results in a week.
5. You can measure your ROI in 10 days
6. You can promote visually anything that's not allowed on Google, Facebook, etc, as long as it's legal in your State.
7. It's our list so we have control, unlike Facebook or Google or Amazon. 

With these big boys you're playing under their roof and so you've to play by their rules.
8. We have average open rates of about 10%-18.5% across every vertical.
9. We have an average click-through of about 1.5%-3.6% across every vertical.
10. You're not limited to a number of characters in your promotional messages unlike on Facebook or Google ads.

1. Minimum order is 20K email blast

All in all, you'll never see anything cheaper with over 750 segmentation capabilities for sniper targeting double-opted in audiences in the Solo email marketing industry.

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Right message, right audience, right time.